close [1] ADJECTIVE 1) only a short distance away or apart in space or time. 2) (of a connection or resemblance) strong. 3) denoting someone who is part of a person's immediate family. 4) (of a relationship or the people conducting it) very affectionate or intimate. 5) (of observation or examination) done in a careful and thorough way. 6) (of information) carefully guarded. 7) not willing to give away money or information. 8) uncomfortably humid or airless.
ADVERB so as to be very near; with very little space between.
NOUN 1) Brit. a residential street without through access. 2) Brit. the precinct surrounding a cathedral.
close-fisted — Cf. ↑close-fisted
close-knit — Cf. ↑close-knit
close-mouthed — Cf. ↑close-mouthed
at (or from) close quarters (or range) — Cf. ↑from close range
close-run — Cf. ↑close-run
close shave (also close call) — Cf. ↑close shave
DERIVATIVES closely adverb closeness noun.
ORIGIN Old French clos, from Latin claudere 'close, enclose, shut' .
close [2] VERB 1) move so as to cover an opening. 2) (also close up) bring two parts of (something) together. 3) (close on/in on/up on) gradually get nearer to or surround. 4) (close in) (of bad weather or darkness) gradually surround one. 5) (close in) (of days or nights) feature nightfall at an increasingly early hour with the approach of the winter solstice. 6) (close around/over) encircle and hold. 7) bring or come to an end. 8) finish speaking or writing. 9) (often close down/up) (with reference to a business or other organization) cease or cause to cease to trade or operate. 10) bring (a transaction or arrangement) to a conclusion.
NOUN 1) the end of an event or of a period of time or activity. 2) a shut position.
DERIVATIVES closable adjective closer noun.
ORIGIN Old French clore, from Latin claudere.

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